Where: Pasto, Nariño, Colombia
Technique: TAMO Straw (17th century) Hispanic Technique
Materials: Wood, Golden Threads Born of Wheat

The golden threads born of wheat is an artisanal decoration technique developed since XVI century in the highlands of the department of Nariño, in southern Colombia. 

Each bag has been carefully crafted in wood, covered with fine gold fibers wheat, collected as stubble after harvest. After selecting the dry stalks, the artisan dyed fibers with natural pigments and minerals and achieving a variety of shades in different colors. This material, bright nature, bring life and shine to this piece.

Once the stems have been colored craftsmen open and flatten gently with your fingers the strips are placed one after another forming rectangle, then be ironed. It is a very fragile material, which requires finesse and precision in use.

Then the fibers are cut longitudinally and strand by strand are applied on the surface of this wooden bag, forming striking geometric designs.

Today is the economic source of two predominant social classes: the farmers, in charge of collecting the fibers wheat as stubble after harvest and the artisan class who are in charge of the decoration.

The iconic DVOTIO TAMO wooden bag dates back to the nineteen century when the female figure had its best time with Modernism or Art Nouveau, which dominated the inspiration in nature, democratizing beauty, socializing art, to the point that objects daily had aesthetic value. 

A heritage style, the complex geometry mixed with the latest PANTONE color trends, you'll want to wear always. This piece has been exquisitely crafted, in the interior it’s fully lined in leather or suede, turn lock references the iconic DVOTIO logo, hardware available in gold or silver plated. It is perfect for day or evening, shoulder strap or carry it by the top handle.

All materials are natural and processes are following ancestral methods and handmade techniques developed by the Indian communities in Colombia. All products we sell are ecofriendly,

 This wooden bag has been handmade decorated by 5 artisans equivalent to 10 skillful hands.

This wooden bag has been handmade decorated by 5 artisans equivalent to 10 skillful hands.