social project 

We are dedicated to exploring the synergy between design, sustainability, indigenous tradition and innovation. Our purpose is to harmonize the priceless techniques of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistic elements. We are constantly evolving and leading a systematic change to make a difference in the fashion industry by passing-on sustainable and traditional principles.

We Design a Sustainable Planet.




The main social problem that this project is working on is the extinction of traditional handicraft practices of indigenous peoples, due to its informality in the domestic economy and poor remuneration.

The alliance with artisan workshops has allowed harmonizing the techniques of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistic elements, creating neo-artisan products that establish the standard of sustainable quality and innovation within the design industry.

Transmitting sustainable principles, traditional and strengthening family entrepreneurship, a huge wealth based on knowledge, talent, intellectual property, connectivity and of course, the cultural heritage of our region.

A project in support of the UN's sustainable development goals for 2030.



The idea of the project is the implementation of the circular economy model: (reduce, recycle, reuse and redesign), which leaves behind the current linear system: (extraction, manufacture, use and disposal). Also the use of artisan techniques and natural materials as an instrument of creation.

Through these projects, premium items with local elements are being generated for everyday use, rescuing origins and helping the industry to be ecological, transparent, equal and different.




When working with exceptional artisanal techniques, the central idea is to preserve the culture, origins and semi-extinct traditions of the "Los Andes" community.

By means of neo-artisan articles (of daily and dynamic use), it is intended to generate an encounter with our culture awakening the sense of belonging, reconstructing the handmade identity that has been lost as a result of globalization.

Modernity does not imply ending the tradition of indigenous dress.

These products are the result of the evolution of crafts that invite their appreciation as something beautiful and functional, generating cultural heritage.


This is a social project whose mission is to strengthen the economy, promote the development of artisanal communities of the Andres, through the appreciation of local crafts and industry, which could grow and contribute significantly in the GDP. Through this project has been generated:

  • Economic goods; new jobs, monetary income to the working class and crafts.

  • Creative goods; craftsmanship and quality design.

  • Social goods; artisan integration, experimentation and use of traditional crafts.

  • Creative services; culture, research and development.

  • Creating cultural heritage and forging a creative future for others.

The aim is to integrate the artisans into a market where they will have a greater margin of mobility around the dissemination of their work, socialization of their own cultural heritage and gain from that work. It is estimated that one in ten jobs in the city depends on the Orange Economy industries, generating nine out of 100 pesos of income.