Where: Pasto, Nariño & Colombian Amazon
Technique: MOPA MOPA or Pasto Varnish Pre-hispanic technique 
Materials: Wood, MOPA MOPA resing, Gold and Silver. 

The basis of the varnish is a resin obtained from the MOPA-MOPA, a bush that grows in the department of Putumayo, located in the Amazon rainforest, which is amazing for its regenerative natural process. Twice a year the plant gives out a jelly-like paste that is converted into a fine, thin sheet (similar to a fabric) by means of an artisan heating process. 

During his 1756 to 1767 trip, Chronicler Fray de Santa Gertrudis described it thus in his book Maravillas de la naturaleza (Wonders of Nature).

The MOPA-MOPA resin sheets are colored with vegetable dyes (plant sources - roots, berries, bark, leaves) or colorants and gold laminated with gold leaf. With great skill colored resin fragments are cut with a sharp blade and are placed gently on the surface of this wooden bag, where they are fixed with the heat of the artisan hands.

Today is the economic source of two predominant social classes: the indigenous, in charge of collecting the resin in the Amazon jungle and the artisan class who are in charge of the decoration.


We fabricated small wooden bags which are made out of recycled wood and then we use a pre-Colombian decorative technique called MOPA-MOPA or the Pasto Varnish is a decorative technique developed by the Pasto’s, Indian community from southern Colombia. It’s one of the few remaining handicraft techniques of Indian origin.

The iconic DVOTIO MOPA-MOPA wooden bag dates back to the nineteen century when the female figure had its best time with Modernism or Art Nouveau, which dominated the inspiration in nature, democratizing beauty, socializing art, to the point that objects daily had aesthetic value. 

A heritage style, the complex indigenous geometry mixed with the latest PANTONE color trends, you'll want to wear always. This piece has been exquisitely crafted, in the interior it’s fully lined in leather or suede, turn lock references the iconic DVOTIO logo, hardware available in gold or silver plated. It is perfect for day or evening, shoulder strap or carry it by the top handle.

All materials are natural and processes are following ancestral methods and handmade techniques developed by the Indian communities in Colombia. All products we sell are ecofriendly, DVOTIO backstage is a social project that aims at promoting community development through the re-valorization of local craftsmanship and industry in South America.

This wooden bag has been handmade decorated by 5 artisans equivalent to 10 skillful hands.

This wooden bag has been handmade decorated by 5 artisans equivalent to 10 skillful hands.


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