The word de-vo-tio comes from the Latin devotions 'vote, dedication, devotion'.

DVOTIO 'eco-active and neo-artisanal' design studio, founded in Montreal, Canada in 2010 officially appeared on the market in 2014. 


DVOTIO is a social project that aims at promoting community development through the valorization of local craftsmanship and industry. Our business model is organized to serve our customers with neo-artisan products that establishes the standard for sustainable quality and innovation within the fashion/design industry. By working with exceptional artisanal techniques, the core idea is to preserve the culture, origins and semi-extinct traditions of “The Andes” community; making handicrafts part of a formal economy and industry. 

The main social problem this project is working to solve is the extinction of traditional artisanal practices of indigenous people around the world.  Our project focuses on the people of the Andes. Our aim is to rescue techniques that are in danger of disappearing, while preserving their origins.

The clothing industry is recognized as the second largest polluter in the world; second only to oil.

From the excessive use of fresh water and chemical contaminates in mainstream production practices, to the 10.5 million tons of “disposable” clothing that is sent to landfills every year, we endeavor to have a positive impact on the unconscious and irresponsible consumer society by creating products that are traditional, sustainable, high quality, and eco-friendly throughout the entire production process.

Recent globalization has led to most people dressing uniformly; the tradition of dressing autochthonously has been lost. We are creating new trends and artistic expressions from our own native elements both in contemporary and tradition fashion. During our advertising campaign, we are helping to change the standard stereotypes of beauty. For example, we are highlighting the beauty of the indigenous features.


We are dedicated to exploring the synergy between design, sustainability, indigenous tradition and innovation. Our purpose is to harmonize the priceless techniques of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistic elements. We are constantly evolving and leading a systematic change to make a difference in the fashion industry by passing-on sustainable and traditional principles; particularly to upcycle, repurpose, and remake products. We are helping to make the industry eco-friendly, transparent and equal.

Through social media, we take our followers to the field and show the entire production chain, proving that this new trend in fashion is making a difference. If customers demand sustainable products that are not produced at the expense of the environment and people, companies will change and adapt to more sustainable fashion habits. It will give society fashion that is kind on the eyes and on the planet.